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R-QRM 74: Turning 50


Well, this past week it happened. I past the half century mark. It seems like just yesterday I was 18. Wow! The time has flown by. But the best is yet to come! We have some great podsafe music this week, plus a little news and some stories about life in New Hampshire. Oh, one last thing. There are a couple of words the FCC would consider bad. So if you are in the office or around young children, please be careful. Enjoy…

  • I’m old!
  • Gas prices on the rise
  • Vampire electronics
  • Is geothermal heating in our future?
  • Cool train rides in New Hampshire
  • I have a need to go geocaching
  • Paul and Storm
  • I am NOT a gardener
  • Black fly alert!
  • Stay safe US Forces!

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