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R-QRM 80: Catching Up


OK, so much for resolutions. We’re trying! Lots of home news this week. Plus a little geek humor and, as always, great music. We also would like to dedicate this show to our dear friend Mishka. He was our Siberian Husky. He joined our family when he was 11 years old from the animal shelter. He was 15 years old. We miss you buddy and we’ll never forget you.


  • Tree cleanup from ice storm 2008
  • My great fall
  • Opposum visit
  • Fur-balls under the bed
  • Fat begging squirrels
  • Goodbye Circuit City
  • Taxachussettes at it again
  • Ann Marie’s Podcast coming soon: Political QRM
  • AMC celebrates 35th Anniversary Blazing Saddles
  • Do you know what the #1 iPhone app is?
  • AMC is redoing The Prisoner
  • Visit with Tom of the Fogview Podcast
  • BartyCast hits 100 shows
  • Monadnock Review
  • More snow?!?
  • Frost heave season
  • Hiking in NH – Be careful!!!
  • We miss you Mishka!
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