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R-QRM 80: Catching Up »


OK, so much for resolutions. We’re trying! Lots of home news this week. Plus a little geek humor and, as always, great music. We also would like to dedicate this show to our dear friend Mishka. He was our Siberian Husky. He joined our family when he was 11 years old from the animal shelter. He was 15 years old. We miss you buddy and we’ll never forget you.


  • Tree cleanup from ice storm 2008
  • My great fall
  • Opposum visit
  • Fur-balls under the bed
  • Fat begging squirrels
  • Goodbye Circuit City
  • Taxachussettes at it again
  • Ann Marie’s Podcast coming soon: Political QRM
  • AMC celebrates 35th Anniversary Blazing Saddles
  • Do you know what the #1 iPhone app is?
  • AMC is redoing The Prisoner
  • Visit with Tom of the Fogview Podcast
  • BartyCast hits 100 shows
  • Monadnock Review
  • More snow?!?
  • Frost heave season
  • Hiking in NH – Be careful!!!
  • We miss you Mishka!

R-QRM 79: Ice Storm 2008 »


Happy New Year! We hope that you also had a Merry Christmas. Show 79 begins the fourth year Radio QRM. What a ride! Although we didn’t quite get one podcast a week out in 2008, we promise to try and get back on schedule in 2009. It’s our resolution! You may have heard about our little ice storm we had up here in New Hampshire? This show is all about our experience. Enjoy!

Ice Storm 2008


R-QRM 78.1: Merry Christmas »


I know its been a while, but you may have heard about our little ice storm? We’ll have a whole show on that next week. Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas! Oh, and, believe it or not, Radio QRM is now three years old!


I’ll Be There On Christmas Day by Karmyn Tyler

R-QRM 78: We’re Not Dead Yet! »


Wow! Two in a row! We’re getting back to a schedule now. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. There are lots of topics and great music so enjoy! Gobble Gobble!



R-QRM 77: Changes »


Well things sure have changed while we were gone! The seasons have changed, the leaves have changed, the economy has changed and we have a new President-Elect. But you have to remember one thing, the more things change, the more they stay the same. ;-)  Please enjoy this podcast and forgive the “popping p’s”. I rewired the setup here and, for some reason, my P’s are popping. Very frustrating. I’ll work on that before the next show.


  • Changes
  • Preparing for winter
  • Our iPhones
  • Prepaid oil – not such a good idea this year
  • Gas prices dropping!!!
  • The new prison
  • Germany Trip
  • Netherlands Trip
  • Windmills
  • Annette and Michael’s visit
  • XM – Sirius Satellite radio merger
  • The holidays are coming!
  • Our theater excursion next week
  • Congrats Barty for 100 Shows!


R-QRM 76: On the Road II – Going to see JT »

Yes, another… period of time has elapsed since the last show. Sorry. We are still trying to find that perfect time to record the show. It usually ends up on Sunday night and we are both dog tired from the weekend. Maybe Friday night would be better? Anyway, most of this show was recorded on the road To and from the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood in the Berkshires on the 4th of July. We had a blast! It was a great time. So sit back and enjoy, On the Road II.


R-QRM 75: The Easy DIY Show »


This week we make fun of all the DIY shows on TV. These shows always make it seem so easy. We wonder what it would be like if there was a real life DIY show. Plus we have some greatindy music courtesy of Ariel Publicity. They help promote these artists through the internet and new media. Enjoy…

  • Studio Rack going beta?
  • I’m doing a 3 for 9er
  • The Mars Phoenix Lander coverage
  • News item: YouTube lawsuit
  • News item: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Shameless Instrumental QRM plug
  • Summing up the three presidential candidates (as learned on TV)
  • Bear update
  • Raccoon visitor
  • Our neighbor, Jeb, jumps his fence. (He’s a horse)
  • Milestone: $4.00 a gallon gas
  • Me and Jack with the Webber
  • NH spotlight: Currier Museum of Art - Manchester, NH
  • NH spotlight: Rhododendron State Park – Fitzwilliam, NH
  • Ann Marie’s Stone Walls
  • Remembering our heros on Memorial Day
  • Now a proud member of the BluBrry network

R-QRM 74: Turning 50 »


Well, this past week it happened. I past the half century mark. It seems like just yesterday I was 18. Wow! The time has flown by. But the best is yet to come! We have some great podsafe music this week, plus a little news and some stories about life in New Hampshire. Oh, one last thing. There are a couple of words the FCC would consider bad. So if you are in the office or around young children, please be careful. Enjoy…

  • I’m old!
  • Gas prices on the rise
  • Vampire electronics
  • Is geothermal heating in our future?
  • Cool train rides in New Hampshire
  • I have a need to go geocaching
  • Paul and Storm
  • I am NOT a gardener
  • Black fly alert!
  • Stay safe US Forces!

R-QRM 73: This one’s for you, G-Man »


Well it looks like we skipped spring and went straight into summer. It was +80 F here in New Hampshire last week. Time to pull out the lawn mower! Everything is turning green. It’s a beautiful sight. 

The title to this episode is in memory of our dear friend of 15 years, G. Gordon AKA G-Man, The Fatman, speedbump, etc… He was our 15 year old Tabby who was a friend to all. He did not have a mean bone in his body. We miss you tons little buddy.


R-QRM 72: Still Alive »


Cough! Ack! We’re sick! Both Ann Marie and I have this terrible cold. I’m just about over it, but she is up in bed this weekend trying to recover. That means that this week, I’m going solo with a Mostly Music show. I’m also testing the new, very alpha, StudioRack software from CastBlaster Mike. This is his latest audio project. If you want more information go to This is where you can find the forum for this project. 

Anyway, the sun came out today, the air is starting to get warm and the snow is slowly melting away. Looks like Spring is finally here. Enjoy…